89, Turan ave., Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000 +7 (7172) 24-82-62 info@ghalam.kz
89, Turan ave., Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000 +7 (7172) 24-82-62 info@ghalam.kz


All state bodies, organizations, quasi-public sector entities and officials are obliged to fight corruption within their competence (the Law «On Combating Corruption», Article 22).

One of the measures taken by Ghalam in this field is the introduction of the position of the
anti-corruption compliance service. Compliance’s main task is to ensure that the company and its employees comply with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on combating corruption.

Ghalam employees and partners, other persons who have information about a conflict of interest, a corruption offense in Ghalam have the opportunity to contact the compliance service.

Confidentiality of information about the person providing assistance in combating corruption is guaranteed by law.


 Методика по пров внутр анализа коррупц рисков
Противодействие коррупции в квазигоссекторе
Концепции антикоррупционной политики Республики Казахстан (рус)
О противодействии коррупции (rus)
Инструкция по противодействию коррупции для работников (rus) Политика противодействия коррупции (rus)
Политика урегулирования конфликта интересов (rus)
Сыбайлас жемқорлыққа қарсы іс-қимыл туралы (kaz)
Сыбайлас жемқорлыққа қарсы саясатының 2022 – 2026 (kaz)
Anti-corruption instructions for employees (eng)
Anti-corruption policy (eng)
On combating corruption (eng)
Policy of resolving conflicts of interest (eng)


Call-center of Anti-corruption Agency: 1424

Compliance service of Ghalam: + 7 (7172) 24 82 13

E-mail of Ghalam compliance service: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.