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About company

       In order to implement the project of establishment of the Assembly, Integration and Test Complex of Spacecraft (AITC SC) and its further operation within the framework of the partnership agreement between Kazakhstan and France in 2010, a joint Kazakh-French enterprise “Ghalam” LLP was established, the founders of which are from the Kazakh side JSC “NC“ Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary ”(72%), Aerospace Committee of the MDDIAI of the Republic of Kazakhstan (0.5%), on the French side - the company“ Airbus Defense & Space ”(27.5%).


The main activity of the «Ghalam» LLP shall be production of space aircrafts including inter alia the following subtypes of activities:

  1. execution of research, design and experimental works on development of samples of space technology;
  2. design of space systems;
  3. creation of assembly and testing complex of spacecrafts;
  4. design, manufacturing, assembly and testing of spacecrafts, spacecraft payload components and elements of space technology;
  5. participation in the development and implementation of state programs in the field of space activities of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  6. development of special software in the space field;
  7. engineering tests, research and certification of space technology;
  8. participation in implementation of government work orders of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the space field;
  9. innovation and investment related activities in the space field;
  10. training and professional development for specialists in the space field;
  11. implementation of foreign economic activity;
  12. implementation on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries of other activities, that are not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and by the legislation of the country in which the activities will be performed by the Shareholders Agreement and the present Charter of the Partnership”.

«Ghalam» LLP is determined as the operator of the AITC SC, which includes:

  • Special design-technology bureau with trial production (SDTB TP) for the manufacture of components for spacecraft;
  • AITC SC, providing a full cycle of assembly and testing of spacecraft weighing up to 6 tons.

Special design office of space technologies with trial production is established to produce all types of satellite components and consists of the following workshops:

  • Special design office of space technologies (Design);
  • Metal workshop (production of metal products of any complexity);
  • Electronics and sun sensors workshop;
  • Multi-layer insulation workshop;
  • Harness workshop;
  • testing laboratories (mechanical and thermal testing laboratory, optical laboratory).

Assembly and test complex of spacecraft is designed for testing spacecraft weighing up to 6 tons with maximum dimensions of 3 × 3 × 6 m and consists of the following workshops:

  • assembly and functional test facility for Spacecraft (Highbay);
  • thermal-vacuum test facility ;
  • electromagnetic Compatibility test facility ;
  • acoustic test facility ;
  • vibration test facility;
  • facility for measurement of mass-inertia properties;
  • radiofrequency test facility.


Who we are?

«Ghalam» LLP– joint venture KGS and Airbus Defence & Space,founded in 2010

The operator of the Assembly and test complex of spacecraft in the city of Nur-Sultan.

Certified Airbus Defense & Space Products & Services Provider.

Our mission

Creation and operation of space systems, production of high-tech products based on innovative global technologies

Our vision

Leading manufacturer of space systems in Central Asia


Key aspects

Team of young and professional engineers

All as a selection

Engineers / The whole team 85%


Masters of Engineering sciences 70%


Grand PhD in (Engineering) sciences 10%


Completed projects 100%