89, Turan ave., Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000 +7 (7172) 24-82-62 info@ghalam.kz
89, Turan ave., Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, 010000 +7 (7172) 24-82-62 info@ghalam.kz
  • Toch_Mech

    Metal Production Workshop

  • MLI

    MLI Workshop

  • Кабельное

    Harness Workshop

  • Кабельное 2

    Harness Workshop

  • 3D

    Production of parts on a 3D printer

  • BASS

    BASS Workshop


    Satellite production


    KAZSTSAT Satellite


    KAZSTSAT Satellite

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    KAZ STSAT team

Why choosing GhalamJust one step between steppe and space

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Fast production

The presence of highly qualified specialists and high-tech equipment allows us to fulfill the most complex orders efficiently and on time


A complex approach

We carry out orders at all stages of product development: design, production, assembly and testing

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Latest equipment

All production equipment was manufactured by world leading manufacturers and delivered at the time of production launch

Well Documented

ISO standardization

The Company's quality management system is recognized as complying with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015

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Qualified specialists

Specialists were trained in Airbus, Latelec, Cetim, Laroche, DMG MORI, SSTL and other leading European enterprises


100% great customer reviews

We have an individual approach to each customer and all orders are processed at all stages of product development from idea to delivery

Main areas of activity What can we offer

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Spacecraft system design

Production of spacecraft for scientific and technological purposes, earth remote sensing and communication

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Production of spacecraft

Production of spacecraft for scientific and technological purposes, earth remote sensing and communication

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Assembly and testing of spacecraft

Spacecraft for various purposes weighing up to 6 tons

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Creation of a ground segment and ground infrastructure

Ground control systems for various spacecraft

Terrestrial antenna stations of S- and / or X-channel for receiving data from spacecraft


Production of spacecraft components

Production of harness, multi-layers insulation (MLI), assembly of solar sensors and electronic components

Development of custom-made space subsystems and components


Production of industrial products

Industrial products for various industries from metal to electronic

AIRBUS D&S Certification

We are certified suppliers of products and services for AIRBUS.

Our manufacturing sites and specialists have been certified by AIRBUS.

Today we carry out the production and supply of components for spacecraft and provide services for the creation of space systems for AIRBUS.

Space system for technological purposes

The goal - the creation of a technological space system for testing the design, assembly and testing of low-orbit spacecraft, obtaining a flight history of subsystems of their own design.

On December 4, 2018, the spacecraft was successfully launched on the Falcon-9 launch vehicle from the Vanderberg cosmodrome (USA) and, based on the results of tests in orbit, confirmed all the declared characteristics.

Today, the spacecraft successfully operates and performs the functions of remote sensing of the Earth.

  • Nur-Sultan

    Shot on KAZSTSAT. Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan city

  • Khan-Tengri

    Shot on KAZSTSAT. Khan-Tengri is a pyramidal peak on the Tien Shan on the Tengri-Tag ridge on the border of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China.

  • The Dead Sea

    Shot on KAZSTSAT. The Dead Sea is a salt lake between Israel, Jordan and the West Bank.

  • Browley, California, USA

    Shot on KAZSTSAT. Browley, California, USA

  • Kingdom of Bahrain

    Shot on KAZSTSAT. Kingdom of Bahrain

  • Bahamas

    Shot on KAZSTSAT. Bahamas

Quality Management System

The recognition of modern companies, both internationally and domestically, is determined by the quality of products. The focus on quality - is the basis for the continuous development and improvement of the Company. A proof of the commitment of «Ghalam» LLP to quality is voluntary certification according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Ghalam LLP certification scope includes “Production of spacecraft components and elements, including multilayer insulation, biaxial solar sensors, cables and precision mechanics parts, using design data provided by the Customer. Mechanical, thermo-balance, thermal vacuum and climatic tests of products and spacecraft weighing up to 100 kilograms. Additive production of metal products by selective laser melting of metal powder materials. Design of space systems (satellites, ground equipment and their components); design of non-space equipment; engineering services, including software development, mechanical, thermal and radiation analysis; space systems design and operation services. EMC testing for various applications such as spacecraft and their subsystems, ground segment, military and aviation, automotive and rail systems and equipment: test for radiated emissions, conducted emissions, radiation susceptibility, conducted susceptibility, electrostatic discharge."



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