Ғарыш пен дала арасында тек бір қадам

Только шаг между степью и космосом

One step between the steppe and the space

Design office

What we can do:

Space systems design, assembly, integration and testing of a wide range class of missions: from cubesats (3kg) to high-resolution earth observation spacecrafts (800 kg)

Design and development of space qualified on-board data-handling systems

Development of medium resolution optical payloads

Design and development of ground segments including spacecraft operation center and payload data processing complexes.

Manufacturing of integrated AOCS subsystem based on in-house developed software and hardware


♦ Development of ground segments, space systems and space qualified components

♦ Design and development of Earth Observation turn-key systems


     - Accomplishing – KazSTSAT (launch: beginning of 2018)
     - Future - KazEOSat HighRes next generation and KazEOSat MediumRes next generation

♦  Industrial design works

     - 3D Design and Finite Element Analysis (3D printed parts and etc.)
     - Electronics engineering

♦  Development of CubeSat components and subsystems


   ♦ Our space engineers were trained in top aerospace companies: Airbus Defence & Space and Surrey Satellite Technologies Ltd

   ♦ In a partnership with SSTL company our specialists have successfully implemented the project of the development of the Earth Observation spacecraft KazSTSAT

   ♦ We have certified high world class Assembly Integration and Testing Facility based on Airbus D&S standards

   ♦ We have state-of-the-art laboratories and production facilities to develop and test space technologies.