Ғарыш пен дала арасында тек бір қадам

Только шаг между степью и космосом

One step between the steppe and the space


     JV Ghalam LLP is a joint venture of JSC NC «Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary» and Airbus Defense and Space (France) and acts as an operator of SBIK facilities.

     The purpose of the project is to create the technological and infrastructure basis for a spacecraft assembling, integration and test in the Republic of Kazakhstan. On sites, projected facilities intended to be utilized for different types of payloads integration with satellite’s buses and further testing.

    The composition of the production units includes:

- SBIK – AIT center is equipped with facilities that provides assembling, integration and testing as a closed loop for a spacecraft manufacturing weighing from 100 kg and up to 6 tons;

- Special Design and Technology Bureau, ensures the implementation of all design and engineering work;

- SKTB workshops, which have laboratories, clean rooms and production areas for the spacecraft’s individual components development..

     Implementation of the project “Establishment of the spacecraft's assembling, integration and test complex” has already created high-tech enterprise, able to perform a full range of activities on satellites, their components, and payloads and separated elements of the space technology.

     Facilities of Ghalam LLP will afford an opportunity to receive governmental and commercial orders to build spacecraft. Through different types of collaboration and production opportunities Ghalam LLP is striving to take own place on the world market of satellites manufacturers.

     One of the most significant goal of the SBIK project is possibilities to enhance Ghalam LLP staff competencies and proficiencies through initial pilot production. At the Ghalam LLP, we are aware of qualified engineers, technician professionals and their individual evolvement in order to satisfy future customer needs and to allow company to act in advance on high competitive aerospace market through national aerospace programs development.

      Ghalam LLP facilities allow performing assembling, integration and tests of satellites weighing up to 6 tones with maximum dimensions 3 х 3 х 6 м.

The main technological equipment:

- 2 TVAC thermal vacuum chamber (TVAC1 Ø 3 m and TVAC2 Ø 8 meters) - high vacuum to 10-7 mbar, a temperature of -173°C to 127°C;

- Vibrating stand VIB (280 kN) – sine and random vibration and shock effects;

- Shielded anechoic chamber EMC / EMI - from 10 kHz to 40 GHz;

- Compact antenna test site CATR - from 1.4 GHz to 40 GHz;

- Equipment for measuring the center of mass and moments of inertia of MPM;

- Acoustic camera RAC (up to 152 dB).

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