Ғарыш пен дала арасында тек бір қадам

Только шаг между степью и космосом

One step between the steppe and the space


The introduction of electronic document management system

Implementation of EDS & laquo; Documentolog & raquo; in LLP & laquo; Falam & raquo; allowed to organize paperless paperwork and automate corporate document management. Also, the system will significantly reduce the labor costs for routine and mechanical operations with documents. It will allow to increase the executive discipline of employees, which in turn will increase the productivity of the organization as a whole. Specialists of the company & laquo; Documentolog & raquo; user training was organized and conducted.

Implementation of the electronic document management system (hereinafter & ndash; SED) will allow:

By quantitative indicators (quick return on investment in the system):

  • Reduce non-production, time costs associated with processing documents (registration, mailing, time to search for documents, execution time of control operations on documents and orders).
  • Acceleration of information flows (time to send a document for execution, sending a document between structural units, time to prepare standard documents, time to agree on standard documents, accelerate the average speed of information dissemination).
  • Save the cost of resources and materials (reducing the cost of office space, supplies, reducing the cost of storing documents).

    By quality indicators (improvement of aspects in the internal and external activities of the company):

    • Increase employee productivity (a single information space, work with documents from anywhere in the world, effective automated control over the execution of documents, simplifying teamwork processes).
    • Risk reduction (documents are not lost, are quickly agreed and approved, are promptly delivered to the field, management orders are executed on time).
    • Changes in corporate culture (unification of management procedures, the introduction of a single high standard of work, improvement of the quality of execution of management decisions, convergence of organizational units, consolidation of accumulated corporate knowledge, increasing investment appeal, increasing employee loyalty).

      Currently, the second stage of the implementation of Documentolog EDMS is being completed. The license is fully installed for 96 users. Additional employee training & nbsp; LLP & laquo; Falam & raquo; on new modules will be carried out after the integration of a full-fledged Documentolog system.